Our Process

We create inclusive cultures of systems thinking and execution through real product work.

Many teams think the best way to make a design system is to go away for a few weeks and “lay some foundations” for other teams to adopt. But design systems aren’t made in a vacuum. Instead, design systems are best made by working directly with product teams to collect and scale the foundations that they’re already employing. Design systems are crafted from real product work.

This kind of practice isn’t common, so we do it a few times with teams until they get the hang of it. Here’s a quick view of what a typical SuperFriendly engagement looks like.


We’ll teach your team how to identify the best your organization has to offer to serve as a base for your design system.


We talk to stakeholders and customers and establish inclusive rituals and practices for your teams to work effortlessly at scale.


We’ll guide your teams as they practice their new learnings on real product to build the muscle memory to do it on their own in the future.