SuperFriendly + COVID-19

What SuperFriends are doing about this global pandemic.

By Dan Mall — 23 March 2020 at 05:25:14 pm

We’re incredibly fortunate through this COVID-19 crisis that our teams have always worked in a distributed fashion from day 1. We’ve learned to be good at this way of working amongst ourselves and with our clients. In many ways, we’re going on with business as usual.

Except that it’s not usual. The world is suffering. People are suffering. Though nothing about our work needs to change, those on our teams and the clients we work with all struggle in our own ways.

So, we’re going to keep working the way we’re working when we can. But we’re also trying to be kind to ourselves and our clients. For some of us, that means not working at all, because we can’t. That’s ok. For others, that means working differently, whether different hours or doing different kinds of things. All of this is unprecedented, so we want everyone to take care of themselves, and then others where they can.

Here are some ways that SuperFriends—our partners, clients, and friends—are taking care of others.